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Picture of Micro Cassette USB Music Drive.

After buying a new car I realised that it didn't come with a CD player and my phone doesn't have the space for most of my music.

The car does have a USB slot to play music stored on a USB drive so I set about trying to find a cool one.

I had the idea I wanted one that looked like a Cassette Tape, to bring back the memories of cassette tapes of road trips from my younger days.

I set about google , amazon and ebay and all I could find were ones that didn't look right or wouldn't work with my cars setup. (pictures 3-5 show the ones that weren't right for me.)

so I decided to make my own.

This Instructable is how I made my own USB Cassette.

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Thank you for looking.

Step 1: Tools and Materials.


3D printer.

Blade, scalpel, craft knife.

Measuring device, (I used some calipers, but a ruler will work too.)

Files, emery sticks, sand paper.

Pliers and snips

Computer. (with graphics design software, its not essential though)


USB Stick. ( I used a metal Kingston one with the hole in one end)

Micro cassette. (MC-60 type are the ones I used.)

Self adhesive printable material. (you can use paper and double sided tape)

The list here is what i can remember I used, I may have left some out. Please read the whole instructable first incase ive missed out a important tool.

Thanks for reading.

Dayongdo2 months ago
Really nice Project! I like your idea.
um.. Can you share the 3d models?
My skills are not enough to model these
Netaawy3 months ago
What a great tutorioal! keep up the good work.
DarrenB1003 months ago
Do you sell these? These are by far the best I've seen, and I've been looking for months, if not years!! Good work sir!!
backwards lamb (author)  DarrenB1003 months ago
Hello, thanks for the kind words, I couldnt find anything that matched my requirements, thats why i made them :)

But im sorry I currently do not sell these. I also have a feeling that they would be quite a costly product as the mini cassettes are getting rare and as such seem to be going up in price, making it not practically cost effective.

But if in the future I do decide to sell any I will post on here. :)
Alex in NZ3 months ago
Beautiful. Great idea and fantastic implementation. Thank you for sharing your work :-)
backwards lamb (author)  Alex in NZ3 months ago
Thank you for your kind words :) I'm glad you liked it.