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Two years ago, I built my kids a Millennium Falcon playhouse. While it was clearly awesome in many ways, it ended up being mostly a proof of concept. So over the past year, I've been working with my children to start over, almost from scratch, to improve on the prior design's weaknesses. In particular, I focused on the following areas of improvement:

  • Better internal ribbing structure and overall sturdyness.
  • Larger cockpit space. Comfortably fits all four of my kids.
  • Inclusion of a back wall to the cockpit.
  • Adding dimension to the front windows.
  • Improved interior and exterior detailing to closer match the details in the movies.
  • The addition of audio effects.

I'm happy to say that I believe that we've met our goals in each of these areas.

Also, when I started this new version of the Millennium Falcon playhouse, I came across this amazing 360 degree zoomable panorama of the Millennium Falcon which was a tremendous resource in locking in the details.

While most things changed from the first build to the one you see here, one thing in particular remained the same: This project is 95% constructed from PVC board. Not only is it flexible, but it also takes spray paint well, comes in different thicknesses, is easy to cut and drill, glues well, and it is cost-effective. I love the stuff.

As I began this build, I thought I was going to be able to reuse all of the nose cone, so you'll see that in some of the early photos. So unlike my previous build, I started off with the main body of the cockpit. That worked fine until one of my kids accidentally crushed the existing cone and we had to start nearly from scratch. But more on that later. :)

The Kessel Run is waiting, so let's begin with the body section.

Step 1: Framing Out the Body of the Cockpit

Picture of Framing Out the Body of the Cockpit

Unlike my previous build where I used pvc board for the ribbing, this time I wasn't playing around. Cut some frame pieces out of some scrap wood I had laying around, and I used my little trick for drawing large circles to draw them out on the board before cutting them with a jigsaw.

I finished out the inner skin by spray painting the bottom side of the pvc sheet black, fitting it back under the frame, and securing it with screws.

laflaf3d7 months ago
Great job !
LaraE48 months ago
TeriB309 months ago
I was curious about dimensions with this project. I see someone asked about it 9 months ago (peter60) but I didn’t see any reply detailing the sizes. I also wondered how large your pvc sheets were for the body? Was it 4 pieces or 2 that you cut?

I am imagining this as a teardrop-style camper, and it's making my mouth water.

kylegilbert (author)  BlackSheep111 months ago
Awesome idea!
peter601 year ago
Drawing missing from post trying again cheers Peter
millenium falcon IMG_1227.JPG
kylegilbert (author)  peter601 year ago
Hey, Peter! Sorry I just saw this. I'll do my best to get you some dimensions tomorrow. Currently, the nose can theoretically be disassembled to get through a door, and the back canopy was made in two pieces with an overlap to keep the light from leaking out.

Yes, there's no seats in the cockpit. The kids sit on the floor as it is.
peter601 year ago
Kyle a great project the up-date even better
I would like to build one for my grandchildren maybe not quite as elaborate but am having trouble working out the size of the M Falcon. I have mapped out rough sizes on the floor but would like confirmation that I am on the right track before starting the project.
If you have a moment would you please tell me the size of the Falcon. I hope to be able to add a rough drawing of the dimensions I would like although having trouble trying to up load.
2 final questions the design you used is so it would fit thru the door in the boys room?
The captain at the control panel sits on the floor of the Falcon rather than a seat
Thanks for the detailed description and lots of pictures they are great
Cheers Peter

vainggooch1 year ago
This is so amazing!
Buffman1091 year ago

Hi Kyle, THanks for the direction. IT works except that if i hit second switch no sound. I was wondering if you could look at pic i sent. NOt sure why the red wire by the pencil is there, seems to serve no purpose . I kind of copied one breadboard layout and improvised a little. I tested the second switch by connecting wires from sw 1 and the switch is good. I am using self powered speaker Thanks Tom

Buffman1091 year ago
Hi i ordered the arduino board for thesound effects. I have no idea on how to wire. Can you help
kylegilbert (author)  Buffman1091 year ago

Hey, Buffman109! On the Adafruit website they have a pretty extensive writeup. Have you seen this already?

jedii721 year ago

WOW. That's fantastic

reginaann1 year ago

this is amazing. do you have tips on making it big enough for my husband? i'm pretty sure he wants one. :-P

Awesome build. You should get the awesome dad of the year, in the state where ever you live. Do you have any measurements of anything that you would be willing to share. It would be greatly appreciated. I have 3 grandchildren now but hoping for more

DennisS1801 year ago

Can i be your son too ? im a little jealous..... but what an Amazing project love it!

kylegilbert (author)  DennisS1801 year ago
Ha! Glad you like it!

Awesome Job!!


If I was going to make this, I would try to make a couple gun turrets like when their blowing up those tie fighters on episode four. I might also, space allowing, make a little game area with that checkerboard table things. Think that could work?

kylegilbert (author)  BenjaminB981 year ago

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a giant screen in front of the cockpit and then play Battlefront II? :D

kylegilbert (author)  BenjaminB981 year ago

Love it! We'll have to see. My kids think it's totally rational for this to take over our whole house. :)

This is so cool!


nanosec121 year ago

Congratulations !!!


nuff said


kylegilbert (author)  ke6blr.robert1 year ago