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Picture of Minecraft Ore Lamp

In this instructable I will demonstrate how to build a lamp inspired by a diamond ore block from Minecraft. You can also make it modeled after different ores by switching the colour instead of using blue.

Step 1: Getting Ready

Picture of Getting Ready

To do this project, you'll need a few supplies:

1. Various pieces of wood to make a box out of
2. A sheet of plexiglass or plastic (can be clear or coloured)
3. LED Light strip (white if the glass is coloured, and if the glass is clear then the LEDs will need to be coloured)
4. A switch
5. Paint of a few colours to mix and make different shades to colour the rock
6. Paint brush

To actually make this lamp, you need some tools:

1. Table saw to cut wood to the correct sizes
2. Drill
3. Jigsaw to cut out pieces of wood from the front
4. Soldering kit
5. Nails/screws
6. Hot glue gun

Awesome! My kids would love to have something like this as a night light.