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Step 2: Making the Sprinkles

1- Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Take a small amount of each sprinkle color and carefully roll each with the palm of your hand to create a small snake*. Roll it as evenly as possible and trim with razor if it becomes too long to roll.

2- Place clay snakes on a baking sheet (I prefer using the bottoms of pans, as to not use surfaces that will come in contact with food) and bake for 1 min. Set timer because clay burns fast!

3 - Let clay cool, then carefully peel them from pan with palette knife. Use razor to cut small even slices from each color and set aside**. Save a small length of desired color to use as a candle.

* Roll red clay last, the color tends to transfer to hands.
** I re-made smaller sprinkles after I made the sprinkles that are pictured because they were too large for my cake.