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Picture of Minimalist 3D Printed Fume Extractor

Breathing solder fumes can cause serious health problems, a fume extractor is a cheap and easy way to minimize the inhalation of such fumes.

In this instructable I will show you how I designed and built this minimalist mostly 3D printed fume extractor; My goal was to make something functional, aesthetically appealing, inexpensive, compact and simple.

An important feature of this project is the removable filter cartridge that makes changing the activated carbon filter effortless and allows you to use the filters of the Hakko 491, 493, FA-400 fume extractors which are easy to find.

Let's get started!



After sketching and testing some ideas I came up with this design, then I used Fusion 360 to make the 3D model.

If you are new to 3D modeling and Fusion 360, I suggest you take a look at these classes: 3D DESIGN CLASS, 2D CAD AND CAM CLASS, DESIGN SKETCHING CLASS.

ynotbegood2all made it!3 months ago
Very nice build. :)
Fume Extractor.jpg
rdmmkr (author)  ynotbegood2all3 months ago
I agree! thank you for sharing.
churchja made it!4 months ago
Great project...
rdmmkr (author)  churchja4 months ago
Thank you! it looks great!
mastermute made it!4 months ago
liked the looks of this. Haven't done the on off switch though...
rdmmkr (author)  mastermute4 months ago
I like how it looks with a solid color, you are almost done... thank you for sharing!
churchja made it!4 months ago
Great project... quite useful too! Thx
rdmmkr (author)  churchja4 months ago
Awesome build, I’m glad you found it useful, thank you for sharing.
superyeti80 made it!5 months ago
Awesome design! I has been planning on making something like this for months until I stumbled across this instructable and it was just too perfect. I love the retro look and overall simplicity. Thanks a bunch!
rdmmkr (author)  superyeti805 months ago
It looks great! I’m glad you found it useful, thank you for your comment and for sharing it.
CraftAndu5 months ago
Looks fantastic!
rdmmkr (author)  CraftAndu5 months ago
Thank you!
wirekat6 months ago
Great instructable. The two fans you list are very different. The Amazon fan is only half the CFM and current is less than 1 amp which would help as I have a few 1 amp wall warts I want to repurpose. Regardless, I'm building two of these to give as door prizes for a soldering class I teach. Have you tested the Amazon fan?
rdmmkr (author)  wirekat6 months ago
Thank you for your feedback!, I actually re-purposed a fan I had on hand, here are the features of my fan: Brand: Vantec Tornado TD8038H Bearing Type: 2 Ball, RPM:5700 RPM, Air Flow: 84.1 CFM Noise Level: 55.2 dBA.

Thank you for noticing it links are corrected now, you can go ahead and re-purpose your fans (they have similar features), have fun making them and if possible share pictures of your builds!
IgorF26 months ago
Good job! I looks really great!
Do you think it would work to extract fumes from a low power laser engraver? I'm working with a small one, and I'm sure those fumes won't be good for my health... :p
rdmmkr (author)  IgorF26 months ago
Thank you!, It could work however this fume extractor has been designed to be sitting on your work bench, for your laser engraver I think better would be an enclosure with a mounted fume extractor.
misterxp6 months ago
Really good instructable, very well done thanks!
rdmmkr (author)  misterxp6 months ago
Thank you!
Wow, this is very neat. I used a simple fan to suck the fumes, but eventually, it fills up the entire room. Your design with activated carbon filter maybe the answer. And I'd like to know whether my problem is solved with your design. Are all the fumes stuck in the filter?

Great post!
rdmmkr (author)  ekayudhipratama6 months ago
Definitely it will be an improvement to your previous solution, the activated carbon filter is a must and the powerful 5700 RPM high air flow fan makes a difference, it is a bit loud but it is worth it, just make sure you have it close and pointing to your work area.

In the future I plan to improve the design, some ideas I have is to add a tripod screw thread on the bottom so it can be mounted and also add an adapter to attach a vacuum hose on the back (they will be optional though), I like it simple and compact, right now works very well and I'm very happy with the end result.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.