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Picture of Minimalist Wallet

It's time for a new wallet for me and with the holiday season always just around the corner, I'm constantly looking for new and interesting projects to create. There are a lot of wallet designs out there and it is difficult to pick what works best for all occasions. In my quest to slim down my possessions and all the junk in my life I decided that it was time for an absolute minimalist wallet; two pockets, the ability to hold 3 - 4 cards and a small wad of cash. Living in the city, I often like to carry my wallet in the front pocket to make it more difficult for thieves so it needs to stay thin.

Here's what I came up with and I hope it works for you too.

Step 1: Making the Pattern

Picture of Making the Pattern
DSC_0257 (3).jpg
DSC_0258 (2).jpg

Difficulty Level - Beginner

This isn’t a complicated project and might be a good one to start with if you trying your hand at leatherworking for the first time.

It would be pretty optimistic to just dive in and start cutting out a wallet without knowing what needs to fit inside. I used a debit card for scale as there will inevitably be a couple of these in just about any modern traveler’s pocket. I didn’t need to put a lot of time into the pattern as I have made similar styles before and knew the basics of what I wanted; essentially two pockets and very little sewing. It is easy to make a wallet that is too thick so that constraint must be kept in mind during the design process.

How many layers of leather? How thick are the layers? How much should it hold?

To create two pockets, there needs to be three layers; two on the outside and one to divide. To make the cards more accessible, the outer pocket will be a “reveal” and I chose to do this the simplest way possible, by a diagonal straight line.

I ended up tightening the width and lengthening the entirety just a bit from my original estimates for a better fit. With that, the difficult part is over.

After the pattern is transferred to the card stock, it can be used many times without fuss. It is a very good idea to label your patterns before storage as they begin to look alike when you amass a large folder of them (was this a pocket, part of a shoe, a purse, some sort of handle cover?).