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Step 8: Attaching the Inner Bed

Picture of Attaching the Inner Bed
6 Attaching the cut off.jpg

Using the off cut made earlier, install this piece on top of the sled using glue and 1 1/4" wood screws. This will create the base for the fences and also dictate the width of frames that the sled will support.

Cutting a piece of scrap to the desired width is an easy way to ensure that the inner bed is mounted in the correct location. I chose 4 1/2" for my sled.

Once the inner bed is installed, it's time for a test cut.

It's important to cut each side of the miter on the opposite side of the sled. This will ensure that when the 2 pieces come together, they form a perfect 90 degree angle.

If you jump to the 5:30 mark in this video, I discuss how these cuts work.