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Picture of Mjolnir Baby Rattle

At the end of last year I saw a Thor Mjolnir Rattle popup by IJustLikeMakingThings. Having just had a baby boy I knew I wanted to make one of these on my 3D printer. To design this I used Solidworks and built it full scale using reference material from the internet. I plan on printing a full scale version of this later but as a fun test print I built one scale down to be a baby rattle. The .STL files I included will be at full scale. I scaled them down to 30% for the baby rattle.

Step 1: Printing

Picture of Printing

The printer I used is a Creality CR-10 and I used Cura to slice each part.

I used the following settings for each part:

  • Layer Height: 0.1mm
  • Infill: 25%
  • Extruder Temp: 200 degrees celsius
  • Build Plate Temp: 65 degrees celsius
  • Flow: 100%
  • Build Plate Adhesion: Brim (I used a raft for the handle to give it a more stable base)
  • Supports: Triangles

Removing supports is fairly straight forward. Use cation removing the supports from the handle because they surround most of the handle.

Andsetinn5 months ago
Mjölnir as a baby rattle. What a great idea.
This is just so adorable and I agree that it has wonderful detail :D
velokenneth (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 months ago
Thank you.
The details on that are really nice. If I ever get more gray filament then I may have to make one of those.
Thank you. I'd like to see pictures when you get yours printed, and thanks for the inspiration so I could do this.