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Picture of Model Railway Layout With Automated Passing Siding (V2.0)

This project is an update of one of the previous model railroad automation projects, The Model Railway Layout with Automated Siding. This version adds the feature of coupling and decoupling of the locomotive with the rolling stock. The operation of the railway layout is as follows:

  • The locomotive will start from the mainline and proceed into the siding to couple with the rolling stock.
  • The locomotive will couple and take the train out of the siding on to the mainline.
  • The train will start to move, speed up, take a couple of loops around the layout and slow down.
  • The locomotive will take the train back to the siding in the final loop where it will decouple from the rolling stock and proceed further.
  • The locomotive will make one loop around the track, slow down and stop where it started from in the beginning.
  • The locomotive will wait for a set amount of time and the whole operation will be repeated again.

So without further ado, let's get started!

Step 1: Watch the Video

Watch the video to get a complete idea of how the entire railroad operation explained in the previous step takes place.

Where did you got the model?
In India ?
Please send the link if from Amazon in
KushagraK7 (author)  harshitsingh.1110014 months ago
You can find the locomotive used this project and some similar ones here:

The tracks and the rolling stock were purchased from Amazon's Japanese website(, although, you can find the tracks on too: