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Modern Nightstand / Bedside Table With Cable Management System & Wireless Charging

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Picture of Modern Nightstand / Bedside Table With Cable Management System & Wireless Charging

Hey everyone, I made this modern night stand with hidden wireless charging and cable management system in the back for me and my wife. The legs have a cantilevered design that gives it a modern flair. The reason behind the design (as with anything I make) is to fit the way I use my furniture pieces. I want a modern, minimalist, and airy look while having plenty of storage for how I would use it. The bedroom is a place where I like to watch movies, read a book, and edit content for Youtube and Instagram. That's the reason why there's essentially a "shelf" beneath the top surface of the nightstand for me to store my electronics or books, while leaving the top clutter-free for my lamp, or glass of water. And since I often have my electronics plugged in, I made a small cord management system in the back of the night stand to keep my cords from falling into the abyss behind the nightstand while they're not in use. Lastly, the nightstand also has a hidden wireless charger built into the cabinet portion. It's just an additional feature to keep things clean.

Be sure to check out the Youtube video above to help better understand each step!

Materials (Approx. for 1 nightstand)

Walnut hardwood: (60"x6"x1")

Walnut 3/4" Plywood: (1/2 sheet)

Walnut 1/2" Plywood: (1/8 sheet)

Walnut 1/4" Plywood: (1/16 sheet)

14" Soft Close Drawer Slides (Amazon)


Microjig Tapering Jig: (Microjig)

Microjig Grr-ripper: (Microjig)

Microjig Grr-rip Block: (Microjig)

White Marker: (Amazon)

Bandy Clamps: (Amazon)

Step 1: Cutting Vertical Leg

Picture of Cutting Vertical Leg

First, I prepped the materials to make the legs. After crosscutting the boards to length, I flattened the faces and squared up the edges. Then I ran them through the planer to get the pieces down to a consistent 1".

I wanted the leg structure to have a 15-deg backward lean, so after ripping the vertical pieces down to roughly 2" wide, I marked out this 15-deg angle. The mark doesn't need to be perfect. It mainly acts as a reminder how the cuts need to be made. Since I was making two night stands, there are too many mirrored cuts and too many chances to make a mistake. I set the fence so that all the legs come out the same length. In my case, I cut them to roughly 26" long so that after the lean, the resulting height of the night stand will be about 24".

COtterstrom844 months ago
Absolutly beautiful! I love the modern design.
Bevelish Creations (author)  COtterstrom844 months ago
Thank you very much
Cliffsclips4 months ago
Great side table, looks amazing. Thank you for sharing.
Bevelish Creations (author)  Cliffsclips4 months ago
Thank you!
JamesT2154 months ago
This is obviously a fantastic side table. I would like to change the design but to be honest I could never do this without the help of people like you. I love the idea and the design. Excellent tuition and so easy to follow. You are obviously a very talented person. Thank you and keep up the great work
Bevelish Creations (author)  JamesT2154 months ago
Thanks! Almost everything I've built so far on my Youtube channel has been "experimental" because I'm pretty new to woodworking, and I tend to push myself (based on my skills) to try new things I haven't done before. A lot of times I have no idea if it'll come out the way I wanted, but so far I guess I've been lucky. So what my goal has always been try to inspire others to try something new as well, and give people ideas either about the overall design of a project, or maybe the technique behind just a small area of a project. So I'm glad you found this useful :)
Wow, I am super impressed that you are new to woodworking. Inspiring!
Keep up the good work. Also thank you for the reply. I look forward to seeing your projects in the future
mturbutt4 months ago
Great build and lovely design! Looks amazing.
Can I ask which wireless charger you used for under the table top?
I bought a couple for just this purpose but they don't have enough grunt to charge through a couple of mm of wood.
Bevelish Creations (author)  mturbutt4 months ago
Thanks! I have a link to the charger and the power strip in the descriptions of my youtube video. I'll add it to the Instructables in a bit. The charger's rated for 5mm, and I cut the recess with only about 2.5 or 3mm or material left. Surprisingly, it still felt pretty strong. In the video I showed the phone still charged with a case on, but that case is only 0.3mm thick, that's why it worked. I'm not sure if it would work as well with thicker cases. I did come across some wireless chargers that were rated for 8mm material, but then I couldn't find it again when it came time to actually make the purchase
Thanks so much for the info. I'll check out the YT vid for the details.
Ahhh...Anker! I should've gone for that myself. Great quality products.
Cheers and congrats on a great instructable.