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Modern Nightstand / Bedside Table With Cable Management System & Wireless Charging

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Step 13: Making Drawer Boxes

The drawer boxes were made from 1/2" ply for the sides, and a 1/4" ply for the bottom. After cutting the sheets to size, I cut a 1/4" dado through the 1/2" boards for receiving the 1/4" ply later. I've shown at least another way to making the drawer boxes, but for this one I used Dominoes again. And there are many other ways to making these, so pick your poison! :) With three sides glued up, I measured and cut for the drawer box bottom. Then closed off the box with the fourth side.

To install the drawer boxes, I used a 1/4" ply as a spacer on the bottom to lift the drawer box up. Then I pulled out the drawer slides installed earlier and screwed the male side into the sides of the drawer boxes.