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Modern Nightstand / Bedside Table With Cable Management System & Wireless Charging

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Step 14: Making and Installing Drawer Fronts

Next up, it's time to make the drawer fronts and install them. As I mentioned in the video, I've got a kid who's started crawling, and soon he'll start walking. So this time I decided to stop using drawer pull hardwares, instead, I just cut a bevel into the top of the drawer fronts which will allow the fingers to hook on to. After cutting the bevels, I used my hand plane to knock down the sharp edges.

Making the drawer front was quite easy, but installing presented a challenge since there aren't any hardware for attaching the fronts to the drawer boxes initially. Plus, there's the initial extra force needed when pulling out the soft-close drawers so I couldn't use the pin-nail trick either. So what I ended up doing was driving in two screws, allow the screw tips just protrude out from the other side. After putting the drawer front in the proper location, push the drawer front toward the drawer box. This will put two indents into the back side of the drawer fronts. Pre-drill into the drawer fronts, then pull the drawer boxes out and line up the screws with the holes on the drawer fronts. Now just drill into the drawer front. Voila!