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Modern Nightstand / Bedside Table With Cable Management System & Wireless Charging

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Step 2: Cutting Tapers on Top and Bottom Horizontal Pieces

Picture of Cutting Tapers on Top and Bottom Horizontal Pieces

Next, i laid out the tapers on the top and bottom horizontal pieces. For both, I had the tapers going from 1" at the back to about 2" at the front. Then I used my tapering jig to cut them after lining it up with my lines. Remember, the top piece is shorter than the bottom piece, so the actual angle of the tapers are different between the top set and the bottom set. But using a tapering jig, I only had to set up once for the short piece and then once for the long piece.

The last thing I did was cut 15-deg off of the wider end of the legs. This will match the horizontal pieces up with the ends of the vertical piece.