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Modern Nightstand / Bedside Table With Cable Management System & Wireless Charging

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Step 4: Cutting Tenons on Vertical Pieces

Since the angle of the tapers on the horizontal pieces are unknown, once again I brought the pieces together to layout the cut lines. In this case, the line will indicate the angle and the depth to cut the tenons. After striking a line, I used a bevel gauge to transfer this line over to my miter gauge. Keep in mind, this angle will be different between the top and bottom horizontal pieces because their lengths are different. It'll be a very small difference, but it's enough to cause a big problem during glue up.

With the miter gauge set, I began to cut the tenons. I set up a stop block against my fence to make sure all the tenons will be the same length. I started out with the dado blades set much lower than needed so I can sneak up on the perfect fit. I made one pass, flip the workpiece over to make a second pass on the opposite side, this ensures the tenon is centered on the workpiece. I deliberately cut the tenons slightly thicker and longer than needed, so that I can flush things up with hand tools. In the last images you see above, I used a rabbetting block plane to clean up the saw marks. After cleaning up the saw marks, I should end up with a perfect fit.