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Modern Nightstand / Bedside Table With Cable Management System & Wireless Charging

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Step 5: Leg Glue-up

With the mortise and tenons cut for the bridle joints, it's time for the glue up. I applied glue on all the contact surfaces. You can see in the video that even after I used the block plane to clean up the saw marks, the joint came together snug, but the tenon poked out slightly. All the tenons poked out the same amount, so that after flushing things up with a scraper, all the legs will end up being the same height.

What I did forget to do before the glue up was cutting a 45-deg miter on the ends of the horizontal pieces. This is for gluing the back trim for the top and bottom shelves. Since I don't have a miter saw, I had to do this on the table saw, which had some difficulties but I managed to get it done. It's much easier to do on a miter saw, if you have one. Or just do this step before gluing up the legs. OR, if you like butt joints, you can skip cutting the miters altogether.