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Modern Nightstand / Bedside Table With Cable Management System & Wireless Charging

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Step 6: Making the Cabinet Case (Part I)

The cabinet case is pretty standard, with four sides made from 3/4" walnut plywood that's edgebanded with walnut hardwood. Pretty much what you've seen me do before in other videos (maybe?). The thing that's different is the back of the case is made from 1/2" ply instead of the typical 1/4" I use. Also, the back sits about 1-1/2" inboard of the back edge. This allows me space to add a cable management system as well as a space to store a power strip.

After cutting the boards down to their rough sizes, I cut and attached walnut hardwood strips to the plywood. After the glue cured, I flushed them up with a hand plane. Then I cut the mitered edges into the boards while cutting them down to length. Before gluing up the sides of the cases, I laid out the location for cutting the dado that will receive the aforementioned 1/2" ply, and then made the cut on the table saw. After the dados were cut, I glued up the bottom and two sides together, reinforcing the miter joint with Dominos.

Finally, I measured for and cut the 1/2" back panel. Once the back panel is cut to size, I applied glue in the dados and slid the back panel into place. I had to use a little bit of gentle coercion to get this done.