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Picture of Modern Pearl Knotting
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A friend of mine gave me several strands of freshwater pearls that she no longer wanted. I quickly accepted her gift, but knew such generosity meant that I would actually have to make something with them instead of saving them in my never-ending stash. They were lovely, and I decided they would make nice Mothers Day gifts. There were enough strands for me to make a piece of jewelry for all of the mothers in my life (and my thoughtful friend). My own mother has difficulty putting on jewelry due to an injury, so my first requirement was to make something that didn't involve clasps.

I started out experimenting with classic pearl knotting where a single overhand knot is used to separate each pearl, but the small size and irregular shape of the pearls had a "don't take me too seriously" vibe, and I decided to do something casual with a loop and button closure. I knew this would involve macrame knots, but finding a strong knotable thread that fits the tiny holes of the pearls was a challenge. Thankfully, I found a firm thin nylon thread made for bead weaving that looks great knotted. I'm excited to share this fun and easy jewelry making technique that doesn't require any fancy findings. Once you learn the process, you will discover an assortment of variations. See the "more ideas" step for variation instructions. I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

Here's the tools and supplies that I used.

netwebb (author) 4 months ago
Wow. So happy to hear. The colors sound beautiful. Yeah!
AnandM545 months ago
Cool one!!
jessyratfink5 months ago
Those are really gorgeous!