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Step 5: Additional Information:

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Thank you for reading my instructable.

Here are some example plots (in blue) as well as additional documentation.

jproehl994 months ago
Chris (or anyone):

I picked up one of these plotters and the
Sparkfun interface board and went about the refit. However, I ran into a
couple of issues. Is there more than one version of this plotter? The
one I have has the same model number on it, but the internal circuit
looked a bit different and the DIP switches do not match those in your
write up. I wired the 3 wires to the pins you suggested on the U13 UART
chip, but it was further inside than your write-up showed.

The DIP switches on the plotter I have are:

MET <-> US
A4 <-> A3
D 16
D 8
R 4
E 2
S 1

and do not contain Parity OR Baud Rate

the refit, it powers up, but I don't see any information that my
Windows 10 box recognizes it. How do I send files to it? If I should use
Putty or a terminal program is there a good instructional on their use?
How do I tell if its connected?

El_mot4 months ago
O wonder if it's possible to draw PCBs at home with this stuff. What is the actual resolution?
Thanks for posting this!!!I was running two or three of these plotters and still have them but quit running them after win98 cause of the cable problem.I would love to get mine working again..even use them with a diode engraver.Do you think that can be done.?I am pretty good with electronics and used the HP 7475a to design boards and wuold love to use these again to do the same thing and more...I am glad there is a way to run these with USB.Thanks again
jhprouty5 months ago
Great job resurrecting this old work horse. I made hundreds of overhead slides on this model back in the 80s when working for HP (microwave divisions). You can now see the origins of lower cost numerical control used in 3D printers, routers, laser and plasma cutters. Thanks for sharing this, truly deserves a vote for trash to treasure.