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Picture of Monkey's Fist

This is a good defense weapon and a cool looking knot for your keys and other items

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Materials you will need to make the monkeys fist are:

  • 50 inches of para cord
  • marble
One thing. You might want to put a differentow name for the ending knot, not a noose, because people should not knot know how to tie a noose. Another knot might be a clove hitch, or a slip knot.

hello, what is the width of the thickness of the cord ? i try to make it with a para cord of 6mm thickness and the 5inches are not enough

50 inches not 5 ?

sorry i use 50 inches i made a typo

Timothee Gillier (author)  sandroazerty2 years ago

If 50 inches weren't enough you might of used a marble too big or wrapped the para cord around the marble one too many times. Sorry for any confusions.

Timothee Gillier (author)  sandroazerty2 years ago

Sorry if you had any miss understanding when reading this instructable. The para cord you have is perfect but you will need 50 inches of it and not 5 inches.

Aigeas7372 years ago

this never was a ''defence weapon'' but the driver to throw the navy cord. As a sailor speaking. LOL

Timothee Gillier (author)  Aigeas7372 years ago

I do a lot of sailing too, but I think it is a defence weapon because it really hurts if you hit some one with it since it has a marble in it.

Tontonjon made it!2 years ago
Great instructions
Timothee Gillier (author)  Tontonjon2 years ago

Thanks a lot, your monkey's fist looks great!