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Picture of Monogram Mallet
monogram mallet 2.jpg

Whilst antiquing I found this small monogram stamp with the initials ‘’J.L.M.’’. For 3 quid, I decided to pick it up and use it to mark my work as my name begins with a J. I find that metal stamps or punches are always a bit tedious to use, especially because they require an additional tool to leave an impression. They also require the use of both hands. Time to rectify this with a Monogram Mallet !

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
monogram mallet 2.PNG
monogram mallet 1.PNG

Metalworking Tools:

- Vise

- Anvil

- Hammer

- Drill or Drill Press

- Torch + Fire Brick

- Files

- Cutting Oil

- Sacrificial Allen Wrench

Woodworking Tools:

- Awl

- Carving knife

- Spokeshave

- Sanding block (220 grit)


- Handle Blank

- Monogram Stamp

I really like the wood dye you used.
Salut Astuces de Trentes Secondes!
En fait, c'est la couleur naturelle du bois, j'ai simplement ajouté un peu d'huile minérale!
M. Ham
scifiguy4515 months ago
Cool idea, and nice build, but I'm here for the epoxy tip. #lifechanged.
Ham-made (author)  scifiguy4515 months ago
That tip seems to have that effect on people! Spread the love!
Mr. Ham