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This instructables show how to add a rechargeable Moon station light source to make a portable Progressive Detail Moon Lamp.

Step 1: Why Moon Station?

Picture of Why Moon Station?

A portable Moon Lamp require a light source; And the light source require a power switch and recharge plug socket.

The switch and socket make the Moon surface not perfect. How about make it look like a Moon station? It can explain why part of the Moon become unnatural :P

mcgurkryan1 month ago
That is really beautiful. nice project
davide39412 months ago
Hi! Can you tell me the size of the LiPo battery? Would a 26mm x 26 mm fit? Thanks
陳亮 (author)  davide39412 months ago
I think it can squeeze into the Moon Station ;)
StrangeRand5 months ago
Do you know the name of this tiny LED drive board with charging circuit? I managed to find something similar but without charging and USB.
陳亮 (author)  StrangeRand5 months ago
try google "usb charging flashlight board"
Seems this is the same
I'm not sure that I'll be able to order from this website, but in any case, thank you.
Rperez625 months ago
Where can i find that led drive board or a similar one online?
陳亮 (author)  Rperez625 months ago
try google "usb charging flashlight board"
great project, i really wish to make one for me, but i dont have access to 3D printing, is there any other alternative for similar project! ?
陳亮 (author)  MissionCritical6 months ago
If you cannot print it yourself, you may order a print out on the web.
I think you could use any other material depending on what you want to archieve. Few years ago I made an awesome one from cooking paper with glue and then adding paint :D