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Picture of More 3D Printed Gadgets for Woodworking

A great collection of simple 3d printed gadgets to make life easier in your woodworking shop. This is a follow-up on my prior Instructable to make useful 3D printed gadgets for your workshop. You can view the original Instructable here.

Some of the gadgets may be commercially available; so decide for yourself whether you want to make your own. Other gadgets are custom designed/build for my woodworking shop and my specific equipment.

All gadgets were designed in Autodesk Fusion 360; the resulting stl files are included for 3d printing, and free for you to use or modify. I print with PLA filament using a Dremel Idea Builder 3d printer.

Step 1: Corner Clamp Pads

Picture of Corner Clamp Pads

Let's start with clamping gadgets. You can never have enough clamps!

These are corner clamping pads to slip onto standard Irwin Quick-Grip clamps. They will pull together and hold a corner joint. Print a set for four clamps, and you are all set to finish your box or frame.

This and the following designs can be modified and adapted for other types of clamps.

meisjohn4 months ago
These are great ideas. Are they also posted on thingiverse so I can watch for updates?
rschoenm (author)  meisjohn4 months ago
Thanks! I have not posted these at Thingiverse; maybe I should.
Do! It's much easier to thank someone on there. I've printed a couple of the pieces in this article, so thanks.
geekswoodshop3 months ago
A lot of great ideas in here, especially with all the clamping options. Thanks much!
rschoenm (author)  geekswoodshop3 months ago
depacetom3 months ago
I noticed there was no file for the bit tray lid. I went ahead and made one. I can send you the STL file if you contact me.
Bit Tray Lid.jpg
rschoenm (author)  depacetom3 months ago
Done! My file for the lid is now included.
rschoenm (author)  depacetom3 months ago
Thanks, my oversight. Please send me your file while I hunt down my original. Thx again!
world of woodcraft made it!4 months ago
Nicely done. Easy printing projects with lots of use. 10 out of 10 +voted
rschoenm (author)  world of woodcraft3 months ago
Great. One of the better Instructables I've seen. Practical and simple with good descriptions.
rschoenm (author)  omnistructable4 months ago
auto131428284 months ago
How much would it cost to buy the same printer and supplies that you used?
Try Creality Ender 3, work nice after tunning. The cost is around 200 Euro on GearBest.
rschoenm (author)  auto131428284 months ago
Best guesstimate about $700.
dkimbril4 months ago
Made the buckle. Do not use with tension straps. They will break. Redesigned it to allow for ratchet style straps not perfected. But it hasn’t broken yet. Thanks for the design! I used it as a blueprint.
rschoenm (author)  dkimbril4 months ago
Yes, you should probably beef up the design before printing. I still wouldn’t use it where someone or something could get hurt.
davepagega4 months ago
Thanks for posting this and providing the files! I have already printed a couple of them and they are great.
These are great! Any chance you might be able to upload them to someplace like Shapeways, so those of us who don't have access to a 3D printer could buy a few?
rschoenm (author)  Shadoweclipse134 months ago
Thanks! Feel free to send one of the designs to Shapeways or another vendor for printing.
Awesome! Thanks man! I want a couple of them, but the dowel center finder probably most of all!!
mikolynn4 months ago
Really one of the cleverest posts I'v ever seen!
Thanks a lot!
rschoenm (author)  mikolynn4 months ago
coes664 months ago
Very nice designs. Simple yet elegant, and very useful! I’ll definitely be printing some of these things this weekend. Thank you for for sharing.
rschoenm (author)  coes664 months ago
QuocV74 months ago
This is so awesome. Do you print them in volume and sell by chance? I don't have a printer and individually printing them is rather expensive. Thanks for sharing.
Your public library may also provide access to 3d printers. Our library has a maker space with 3d printers that are open for public use
rschoenm (author)  timmehtimmeh4 months ago
That's a great suggestion.
rschoenm (author)  QuocV74 months ago
Sorry, I don't make them commercially. Try to use a local maker-space (they may be interested in a copy for their own shop!) or try an online vendor. Thanks for your interest!
A version of that bar gage is the first useful thing I ever made on my 3d printer and was a tool made kind of on the spot. I had to replace the diffuser panel in the fluorescent fixture above my kitchen sink and couldn't fit a tape measure into the space. Whipped it up and printed it in about 30 minutes.

It takes a pair of ordinary takeout bamboo chopsticks. The rectangular back end fits in snugly (you may need to rim them a bit with an Xacto knife or razor blade) and the rounded part slides right through. Worked like a charm.

Yours are MUCH nicer! There's several things here I could use. Thanks!
rschoenm (author)  bruce.desertrat4 months ago
FlorinJ4 months ago
The bar gauge reminded me of another simple jig you could print: a tool to draw a center line on a slat of arbitrary width. Simply a piece with two protruding pins at the ends, which you can slide on the sides of the slat, one on each edge, and a hole to put a pencil in in the middle.If you place the tool on a slat, then rotate it so that the pins touch the edges, then move the it along the slat so that the pins stay in contact with the edges at all times, the trace left by the pencil will be right in the middle of the slat.
rschoenm (author)  FlorinJ4 months ago
Great idea! Thanks!
Good way to prove that, sometimes, a 3D printer helps also in home DIY ! Thank you
rschoenm (author)  alain.c.lacour4 months ago
Thanks. Good justification to buy a 3d printer :-)
GaryD1424 months ago
A great combination of new technology with old technology. Keep up the good work!
newdigitalboy4 months ago
These are really fantastic ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. I especially like the corner clamp pads. I'll be printing some of those out, for sure.

- ndb
rschoenm (author)  newdigitalboy4 months ago
sawdustagain4 months ago
The "Corner Clamp Pads" are very clever. I hope Irwin sees your Instructable and makes them available commercially, after they handsomely reward you for the idea, of course.
rschoenm (author)  sawdustagain4 months ago
Thanks! A handsome reward would be nice :-)
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