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Okay so a couple years ago I made a full size 2 player arcade for my garden shed/gym.

Now I want something small for my computer desk, inside the house. So I started deconstructing designs.. Loads of people have modded an "icade" which was designed for the ipad. But this model is alot bigger then I wanted. My arcade can also be powered by a power bank unlike other machines.

It took me a while to create a perfectly scaled Arcade machine, small enough to move around but compact and sturdy enough to play a wild game of Mortal Kombat "G3t oVer HeRe". I had to keep remeasuring and testing as I wanted professional full sized arcade/joystick buttons.

Enjoy :)


Things you Need:

Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 = £30 -

64GB SD Card = £10 -

Mini USB Burger Speaker= £5 -

Volume Adjuster= £3 -

7" Inch TFT Screen= £25 -

Zero Delay= £10 -1 Player Control Arcade Encoder with USB Cable & Wiring Kit -

30cm HDMI Cable = £3 -

12V 4 Pin 12mm LED Metal Push Button Momentary Power Switch Waterproof =£3 -

Left Angle Micro USB Male to Female extension cable=£3

Black Momentary Round Push Button Switch = £2

50cm LED Light Strip for Marquee Light - £2

USB Switch for Marquee Light - £2


From Arcadeworld

Purple Half Inch (12.5mm) T-Molding (11 Feet) £10 --

Joystick & Buttons

Zippyy Short Shaft Ball Top Arcade Joystick1 (Yellow) £12 -

Gold Leaf Concave Arcade Button- £18 (X4 Yellow, X 3 White) -

Start Player Button = £2 -


Wood 5.5mm Plywood £13 -

Graphics £10 - If Printed professionally...(I used my own printer.)

2mm Clear Acrylic Sheet (600mm X 1220mm) £20 -

Total = £180 - You can do this for cheaper if you use different joystick/button. I choose good quality and a recognized brand but there are alternatives out there...

Step 1: Print Templates

Prep Work

Print Template Pages attached. I have included a cutsheet.. To show how this can all been done using a small sheet of 5.5mm thick (606x1220) PlyWood... Don't use MDF its not as strong.

You will need an A3 printer to print the side panel or you could use A4 and tape the paper together them together.

Link to templates also available here..

g.nimmerfall2 months ago
Great project! In your former arcade game you have offered your graphics to download. Could you offer the graphics for this version too?
PleaseNoFisticuffs (author)  g.nimmerfall2 months ago
Sorry Buddy, the tutorial re-compressed the pictures..I have uploaded as Zip... In Step 12- Graphics section...And also link here..
Hi PleaseNoFisticuffs,
thank you for your answer. Sorry for my late reply but I didn't recognize that you answered my question.
Very great job!!!
Make_Things2 months ago
Woooooow!!!!! My all time favorite the arcade look that got a couple grand in quarters from me (yeah, I’m a dinosaur)!

And all the parts easily listed for me to grab on eBay!

Get over here instructable!

(VERY nice build!!!)
PleaseNoFisticuffs (author)  Make_Things2 months ago
I hear that....I lost alot of money too in the arcade.... Glad you like it...

Please vote for me on the Fandom contest... (^_^)
Can it actually be considered a “loss”, if u willingly kept spending money, because u enJOYed playing it? Methinks not, but whaddaheyeknow? Great build! Thanks for sharing!
Just did and glad you mentioned it...I didn’t realize it was part of a contest.
PleaseNoFisticuffs (author)  Make_Things2 months ago
Nice One... Thanks
Dumbphone1 month ago
Totally amazing! Wow....beautiful.
JanieG43 months ago
This is awesome. Love this desk top version. That flawless victory pun.... Icy what you did there :D
PleaseNoFisticuffs (author)  JanieG43 months ago
Muchas Gracias :)
dcflysrc3 months ago
Wow! Amazing Job! Not a gamer, but appreciate the talent to complete a project of this magnitude.. Bravo!!
PleaseNoFisticuffs (author)  dcflysrc3 months ago
Thanks for the positivity (^_^)