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Picture of Moving Cloak of Levitation - V1

Hello hello hello! I'm back from the void and here with an 'ible on how to make an astounding astonishing mystical magical moving Cloak of Levitation!!

My inspiration for this? Well, I'm moving somewhere a bit colder than I'm used to, and I wanted to have something warm to make it through the winter (what, I'm planning ahead). But rather than being a logical human and buying a coat, I decided to do something new, something strange, something fantastic! A cloak!

And then: there was an idea. Why settle for a cloak when I could make the cloak?

Currently, only the upper portion of the cloak (around the collar piece) is animated, but I'm hoping to make another model with more servos and also sensors! In the meantime, Cloaky can dry your tears away, squish your cheeks, or give you a light slap to stop you from falling asleep in Algebra.

Anyway, read on to learn how to make this seriously loyal piece of outerwear!

If you haven't got time to read everything and need to rush off to save half the universe (understandable, it's a long 'ible, have a nice day), skip to step 17 to watch a video of the cloak moving!

And please consider a quick vote if you were intrigued by this project! Don't forget to share with your fellow makers and MCU fans as well :)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools


  • 1-2 old bedsheets
  • 3 yards of dark red fabric
  • 1 yard of Pellon interfacing
  • Spool of multipurpose red thread
  • 4 microservos
  • Arduino Nano or similar
  • Breadboard cables
  • Extra wire
  • Vector boards
  • Velcro


  • Large scissors (preferably fabric shears)
  • Small scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Highlighters/markers/Sharpies
  • Glasshead pins
  • Safety pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Extra needle (to sew certain sections by hand)
  • Mannequin or willing victim
  • Mini hot glue gun and refills
  • Soldering iron and accompanying things

No amusing narrative for this bit, but be patient-- it's one of the most valuable traits a soldier or student can have (Captain America, 2017).

  • The cloak took me 108 hours to complete. Yep, I kept track. On the bright side, the cloak should take you substantially less time to complete if you avoid making even half the mistakes I did.
svfox691 year ago

Doctor Strange gets no love in Marvel. Finally he is in the movies and its looking up. Great costume. Amazing at what you were able to do.


absolutely stunning. I am a huge marvel fan, and I was amazed by how much it looked like the real thing. I am not at all advanced in anything that has wires, so is there anything else I need to know before I start?

mandyee (author)  Sylvia Whistfield1 year ago

Thanks!! :)

Hmm-- one thing you could do is use a breadboard setup (see picture in Step 11) instead of soldering to a vector board. It'll be less secure and a little bulky, but a lot easier. (And you can always solder later on once you get it working.)

So cool you're making your own, feel free to message me if you get stuck or have more q's!