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Multi Purpose Rotary Machine - Mulling, Welding, Pottery, Photography Turntable

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Step 15: Motor Control #1 - Why?

Picture of Motor Control #1 - Why?
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In the previous step we learned that without a load this kind of series wound universal motor will go crazy fast and tear itself to pieces. To make matters worse with a load it will slow down annoyingly. What we need is speed control, and there are a few different methods.

Using the simple triac circuit shown in the next step.

Buying and using a pre-made motor controller,

Make and understand a proportional–integral–derivative (PID) motor controller (here's a primer on the subject) using a micro controller like Arduino in consort with a triac based circuit. This is the route we take here.

A useful little doc for motor identification -

Another good explanation of PID motor control.