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Multi Purpose Rotary Machine - Mulling, Welding, Pottery, Photography Turntable

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Step 2: Dismantle the Washing Machine

Picture of Dismantle the Washing Machine
spider undoo.jpg
washer drum removal .jpg

Undo the outer screws, and pull things apart. We are looking to take out the main drum (be ready to catch the water or do this outside!), salvage the bearings, spider, drum, frame, wiring loom, drive belt, motor and some of the control board components. Oh and for this one we are going to use the steel body of the machine too.

Once you take the drive pulley off the spindle, you should be able to push the shaft out of the bearings. This might need some persuasion with a hammer - protect the end of the shaft with a scrap of wood or the hammer may 'miss-shape' it and the drive pulley won't go back on nice.