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Multi Purpose Rotary Machine - Mulling, Welding, Pottery, Photography Turntable

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Step 25: Truing the Turntable

Picture of Truing the Turntable
routing round.jpg
routing the circle.jpg

Once the motor was running and mounted in place with the original poly v belt, I had a rotating platform. Yeha!

With this I thought it would be nice to make the platter exactly circular. To do that I clamped the router to the workbench bench so that it would nibble at the edge, and set the turntable spinning...

You can learn from my compound mistake here:

1 Don't do this late at night when you're very tired but excited by the idea pulling off a large diameter power tool turning operation.

2. Don't try and manually move the whole machine into the router bit while it's going. I know, I can't believe how silly it sound either. It's how I started doing this operation though. Instead set the whole thing up exactly where you want it with the router bit fully retracted. Then use the slow incremental depth control to nibble away while the platter is turning.