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Multi Purpose Rotary Machine - Mulling, Welding, Pottery, Photography Turntable

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Step 27: Further Reductions! a Lesson Learned

Picture of Further Reductions! a Lesson Learned
belt pulley.jpg
testing belt on new pulley.jpg

After a good amount of fiddling with the speed control circuit, I found it was very hard to get reliable control under about 500rpm. The easy way round this is to add another speed reduction pulley.

Using a part from a broken old belt sander that I was given, I turned up the small pulley on the lathe. I am using another poly-v belt (from another old washing machine), so the grooves were made using a 60 degree threading tool - it may not be the exact profile - but it is close enough... Poly-v belts are very useful in that they can work with much smaller pulleys than a standard v-belt would.