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Multi Purpose Rotary Machine - Mulling, Welding, Pottery, Photography Turntable

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Step 42: Green Sand Muller #6 - Making the Ploughs

Picture of Green Sand Muller #6 - Making the Ploughs
shaping the ploughs.jpg
making slots in the plough handles.jpg
welding the plough to handle.jpg
welding plough 2.jpg

The ploughs are there to shove the sand about - to turn it over and mix it up, before it once more finds its way under the wheels which crush out any lumps.

After scouring my scraps pile, I eventually came up with a bit of old gas bottle, the remains of when I made my experimental self feeding wood burner I think...

Anyway, I cut it with the angle grinder, into shapes that looked like they would work for scooping and shifting sand. That done, I made some slots (drilling and hand file) in some steel bar off-cuts to make the 'plough handles'.

To weld the handles to the two ploughs I put things in place, on the muller, and tack welded them, before laying the assembly on the bench and welding properly.

speedcraig.3 months ago
Excellent instructable. Lots of details, lots of learning. Bravo.