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Picture of Music Box Gong

Welcome to this edition of the Cotten Bros. Expositional Show of Mechanomorphic Wonders!

This instructable will give you the know-how to make a music box/gong/lawn ornament. It's entirely made of trash or discarded materials that is readily available to the savvy maker.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need:

  1. A compressor tank (any size or shape will do)
  2. About 12' of 2x6 (any wood, we used pine)
  3. A 3'-4' 3x8 board
  4. A long eye hook
  5. One or two feet of wire (strong enough to hold the tank)
  6. A large flat washer
  7. Paint, in your preferred color
  8. 6' of 1" angle iron
  9. 14'' of 2x4
  10. 3 bearings
  11. Oak floor board scraps for the hammers
  12. 6 small springs
  13. Machinist nylon to fit the cylinder
  14. About 3 1/2' of 1/4" metal rod
  15. 2 Gears of equal size

Tools you'll need:

  1. Side grinder with a 4" cut-off wheel and flap disk
  2. 2" paint brush or roller
  3. Assortment of hand tools
  4. Hand drill with assortment of bits
  5. Hacksaw
  6. Handsaw
  7. Crowbar
  8. Metal lathe
  9. Welder (we used a flux core welder from Harbor Freight)
  10. Miter saw (optional)
  11. Vise

Let's get started!

jeanniel14 months ago
Like the little music boxes with the various length tongues to make different sounding notes. - I like the idea of jbertrand2. Clever and well done!
You might post a disclaimer to ensure the tank is actually empty before you start cutting on it so it doesn't blow up on them. I know it should go without saying but you know it needs said
jbertrand24 months ago
Very cool. Did you think about possibly cutting tongues in the tank to create different notes? Sort of a music box / tongue drum hybrid?
sitearm4 months ago
Verrrry interesting : )
tazmo84484 months ago
I'll bet the neighbors love that.
Cliffsclips4 months ago
Very cool, this was very well documented. Thanks for sharing.
mechanomorphic_wonders (author) 4 months ago
Thank you for your feedback! We've added a video of the gong playing.
Yes! A video would be great, especially for those of us who are not quite so mechanically inclined.
audreyobscura4 months ago
Amazing! Do you have any videos of this playing sound?
Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, we don't have any way to upload video right now.

We're glad you enjoyed the project!