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Picture of Name on Rice seed Pendant

When I was a kid (somewhat 25 to 30 years ago) I saw this pendants on quite a few big country fairs and and always wanted one - but sadly I never got one...

This rice pendants past my mind recently - maybe the result of a kids trauma that's still bubbeling under the grown up womans surface - yes that is sad...

... BUT BEHOLD! you can get rid of this particular trauma today! ( or tomorrow... or whatever day suits you...)

with a steady hand and a little help of your cat... or a store bought pen ... you decide!

I chose the cat-version :) But I will provide a link for you guys that do not - or want not - enjoy the company of a feline fella...

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

First a short explaination to the material choice, I live a little "OFF" and have a 70km ride to the next bigger stores, so I always try to get creative with stuff I already have, instead of ordering online or buying something that I probably only will use once - so of course, use substitutes :)

Non cat version:
a permanent fineliner like this one

For the cat owners version only: (more thoughts to that in the next step ;) )

a cat whisker ( NO! don't cut it off! just look at the cats favourite sleeping place - you'll find one pretty soon :)

mechanical pencil ( if you dont have one, don't worry, you can use a regular pen instead )

acrylic paint ( I used black and red, but any colour will do)

you'll also need:

long grain rice ( i used jasmine )

kids clay, or sticky tape - helps alot

magnifier - if you have very good eyes, you can skip that

a needle (to erase mistakes )

for the pendant:

clear oil - baby oil works great

a jewelry vial (buy online or find one at your home: perfume samples ( get rid of the print with alcohol), old glass fuses ( don't know if you can open them easily, it just crossed my mind) or a small bottle - there's many possibilities if you think hard ;)

syringe for filling oil into the pendant

glue gun

optional but pretty: glitter ( have you ever thought about glitter as microplastic? No? - well, that's basicially what it is...

I used brass - shavings - looks almost like gold :o) )

A short article in the National Geographic about the glitter issue... there is no real research about glitter in particular, but you might give it a thought and avoid it...

RolanG made it!4 months ago
Wow!! I Love it!!! for my daughters...
Dannlh4 months ago
Cool project!

There are some cool glass ash necklaces/urns and other ash jewelry vials that would probably work well with this project. Just google glass ash necklace.
Mimikry (author)  Dannlh4 months ago
Thank you, I'll take that up in n the i'ble
imerrymary4 months ago
I didn't know the term phiole. I Googled it and learned that it's a German word that translates to "vial" which makes sense, like a tiny jar for medicines, etc. I found some on Ebay by searching for "glass charm bottle." This should work fine.
Mimikry (author)  imerrymary4 months ago
thank you for your comment - I'll change it to that :)
That is so crazy! Nice job :)
Great project! Using a cat whisker is indeed an original idea.
thanks :)
it's for sure an unusual use for it, but turned out to be a perfect paintbrush ...
seamster5 months ago
I love that first photo in step 7, so impressive! : )
Mimikry (author)  seamster5 months ago
Ha, yes it's incredibly tiny :)
jessyratfink5 months ago
This looks like so much fun!
Mimikry (author)  jessyratfink5 months ago
It's always fun to challenge yourself and achieve new skills :)