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Picture of Narrow Overlap Headwrap for Twi'lek Lekku

The main purpose of headwraps is to help secure the lekku onto your head, and also, cover the seam between the base of your head and the bottom of the lekku scalp.

My first headwrap pattern left the lekku seam behind the neck exposed, because the closure was a simple tie.
My second headwrap pattern was very tall, thus requiring more fabric to make.

This third pattern is more narrow while also covering the back of the head.

Step 1: Download the Narrow Overlap Template


  • There are no seam allowances on this template. You will need to add seam allowances depending on what finishing methods you use. (After you add seam allowances, it then becomes a pattern piece)
  • I prefer my ear buds to sit at almost eye level.
Alex in NZ5 months ago
That is an impressive headdress. The photographs show an excellent match between the fabric and the make-up too. Thank you for sharing your work :-)
maihien (author)  Alex in NZ5 months ago
aww thank you so much!
audreyobscura6 months ago
This is incredible! Thanks for sharing!
maihien (author)  audreyobscura6 months ago
happy to do so! any feedback is welcome!