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Picture of Nesting Doll Herb Garden
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*Disclaimer : I don’t have as much as a green fifth digit let alone a full-blown thumb. My approach was to select the hardiest herbs based on the sage advice of the teenaged garden center employee who shrugged and nodded as I pointed at plants. Thus, increasing my odds of successfully keeping plant life in my home.

A friend had been trying to offload a set of nesting dolls that no longer suited her home décor and thought that I could breathe new life into them. So I adopted them.

This weekend while my wife was away, I wanted to surprise her with an indoor herb garden that could rest on the sill of our kitchen window above the sink. The herb garden initiative prompted a search for interesting vessels. That's when I remembered thinking that the bases of the nesting dolls I adopted would make interesting open-air containers for something like a pencil corral or a candy dish, and might be perfect for this application. After retrieving them from my bin of potential, I went off to purchase some herbs. After careful consideration, I ended up purchasing chives, French tarragon, Greek oregano, chocolate mint, and dill.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
  • Nesting dolls (unpainted ones can be had online, adding to the fun of this project! )
  • Clear sealer (I used Mod Podge Matte )
  • Plants + potted plant mix
  • Small buttons (I used wooden ones )
  • Drill + 1/8’’ drill bit (for the drainage holes )
  • Hot glue gun + hot melt glue sticks
PJ Strange3 months ago
Looks super cool!
Pete Buxton3 months ago
Your project turned out great! I especially enjoyed reading your humorous story and noting all the clear instructions, photos, and tips.
Ham-made (author)  Pete Buxton3 months ago
Hey Pete Buxton!

It's good to know that others also consider my writing humorous! One last pro tip for ya Pete, dried versions of the herbs are easily achievable; the secret? Neglect!


Mr. Ham
These are adorable! I love nesting dolls :)
Ham-made (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 months ago
Thanks Penolopy! :)
Mr. Ham