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Picture of Ninjago Party

Running a kids birthday party out of your own home can be an effective way of including all the buddies and the desired theme, without breaking the bank. It can also be REALLY dauting and just a bit TERRIFYING!!

The following instructable is based on a party we planned and ran for my 8yr old son and about 10 of his mates. It was pretty cheap and a reasonably low level of effort was required for an at home party.

It was an interesting experience and we learnt a lot about crowd control with a gang of 8yr old hooligans :) The number one thing was not to sweat the small stuff. Kids don't care if something is crooked, or doesn't look perfect (I iced my own cake) so you can save yourself a huge amount of stress and money by aiming for fun rather than pinterest perfect.

Step 1: Planning

The more time you spend on your planning, the easier the party becomes. I'm not normally a list kind of person, but with so many things to think about and remember, I'd recommend breaking out your notepad and pen.

The following is a list of the key things you need to think about and plan for:

  • Theme
  • Invitee List
  • Invitations
  • Food
  • Props
  • Games
  • Cake
Looks like such a fun party! The treats are super adorable :)
RCEM (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 months ago
The kids loved them,!
offseid3 months ago
Great job!!! Wow!
RCEM (author)  offseid3 months ago
ohoilett3 months ago
Wow. This is simple, yet elaborate. Great job.
RCEM (author)  ohoilett3 months ago
Thanks! It was fun!