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Picture of Novel Method to Stop a Washing Machine 'Walking'

In a previous Instructable I described how I made our washing machine talk to help my wife Sue who is totally blind. The machine could definitely 'talk the talk'.

Unfortunately, it could also 'walk the walk'.

During high speed spin cycles it would often vibrate and move across the floor several inches, only stopping when it pressed at an angle against the adjacent tumble dryer.

This Instructable describes a conventional approach (that did not work) and a novel approach (that did).

Step 1: The Conventional Approach

Picture of The Conventional Approach
Pads Under Machine.jpg

In order to try to prevent the 'walking' I purchased a set of WPRO Shock Absorber Pads, available from Amazon here.

These are rubbery plastic pads that 'absorb the vibrations that are caused by working household appliances such as washing machines'.

I placed one pad under each foot of the machine, making sure that the machine remained perfectly level. Whilst these pads did reduce the apparent vibration, the machine still walked significantly during high speed spin cycles.

Time for some lateral thinking!

jeanniel12 months ago
I followed your detailed solution for the wash machine before, but this is the icing on the Cake! Good job!
Wingletang (author)  jeanniel12 months ago
Thanks Jeanniel1. I am now working on my next Instructable that DOESN'T involve our washing machine!
Maybe the dryer needs some attention? LOL! Keep up the good work!
Wingletang (author)  jeanniel12 months ago
The next project does not involve any washroom equipment!

The dryer does not spin at such a high speed as the washing machine so it does not 'walk'. The control knob is a simple fixed click type without LEDs so the Bumpons work AOK.
Makerneer3 months ago
Nice work!
Wingletang (author)  Makerneer3 months ago
Many thanks Makerneer!
jessyratfink3 months ago
Oh, that's a great solution!
Seems odd that the washer should consistently vibrate so much that it "walks." Most front loaders have sensors to detect excessive vibration and take steps to redistribute the load. Have yo contacted Samsung (the model shown in the photos) or checked teh web for possible root cause (ex: ) While the shock reducing pads may be preventing the machine from "walking" they aren't really addressing the reason for the vibration. If the vibration is allowed to continue, it will probably put excessive load on the bearings/drum supports and shorten the life of the washer.
Wingletang (author)  jim08253 months ago
Hello jimo825. Thank you for this. The vibration is quite low level (and within limits according to our engineer), but sufficient to make the machine 'walk'. The main problem appears to be the smooth laminate floor surface of our 'utility room', (actually part of our conservatory).
Wingletang (author)  jessyratfink3 months ago
Thank you Jessy. A nice short Instructable from me for a change!