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Picture of nudo loop perfection

haremos un nudo tipo loop perfection(no se bien como le llaman en español perdón).

Este es un nudo razonablemente seguro para utilizarlo al final de la cuerdas.

Este es mayormente usado para enlazar uno con otro.

Espero que le guste y que le den uso.

Step 1: Materiales

Picture of Materiales

Los materiales que vamos a usar son:

Una cuerda

(removed by author or community request)

I learned this knot as the Angler's Loop. It holds really well in shock/bungee cord. It actually becomes really quick to tie once you learn how.

AngelB28 (author)  Instructables Robot3 years ago

it doesn't have much advantage over the bowline. the biggest difference is that this loop can be use as a loop to loop connection and its a really stable knot to use on a stading end.