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Hello. Here i am with a new project named O-R-A

It is a RGB LED Matrix wall clock that display :

  • hour:minute
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • current weather condition icon
  • Google Calendar events and 1h reminder notifications

at a specific time it shows:

  • Google Calendar today and tomorrow events list
  • weather forecast
  • breaking news

Addictional functionalities:

  • current date
  • Magic 8 ball
  • Kitchen timer

For any functionality the device play a different audio alarm. For all kind of weather conditions there's a corresponding audio file to be played when the functionality is called.

The functionalities like Google Calendar list, Weather forecast, RSS breaking news starts at preselected time when device is in "clock mode", these can be also called directly operating the switches. Another functionality during "clock mode" display current day/month/year. It can be run pressing ENTER button. Pressing CHANGE STATE button and then ENTER button within 3 seconds in "clock mode", let you enter into options menu. CHANGE STATE button is sets to scroll inside menu, ENTER button is to confirm option selected.

This project is an evolution of my previous LEGOLED and TEMPO. The RGB led matrix panel has resolution 32x64 now, so it is possible display more intellegible graphics, fixed and scrolling text at the same time. Using TEMPO functionalities the device turn on & off automatically without any button or external timer. A PIR module detect the presence of persons therefore turn on/off display.

Weather forecast and calendar data are collected every minute provided by Google Calendar and Open Weather Map .

This project is fully customizable starting from a Raspberry PI B+, 2 module 16x64 rgb led matrix and power supply. It can be expanded, like i did, adding USB sound cards, speakers, on/off power circuit.

Step 1: What You Need

  • Raspberry Pi B+ (with built-in wifi or dongle )
  • 2 x 16x64 RGB led matrix or 2 x 32x32
  • generic frame (40x50 cm & 3 cm depth approximately)
  • frosted plastic sheet
  • window solar film
  • PS 5V 10A
  • cables
  • thermosetting sheath (*)
  • relay module (*)
  • extra PS for audio amplifier (*)
  • 3W audio amplifier module (*)
  • speakers (*)
  • USB sound card (*)
  • 2 x microswitch (*)
  • PIR (*)
  • Attiny85 (*)
  • DS3231 (*)
  • Mosfet IRF540 (*)
  • Resistors: 3x1K, 2x10K, 1x2K (*)
  • terminal block (*)
  • header strips female (*)
  • header strips male (*)

(*) optional

This is great! I love that the info is so clear to read. :)

Acmecorporation (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago