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Picture of Oil Drum Coffee Table (Galvanized Oil Drum)

In this instructable, I will help you get an understanding of the process it took to make this oil drum coffee table!

Step 1: Oil Drum Coffee Table

Picture of Oil Drum Coffee Table

First source an oil drum! You can pick one of these up locally using craigslist for under $20.

You will also need access to the following tools:

- Angle Grinder

- Drill Gun

- Level

- Protective gloves

- Protective face shield

- Palm sander/Router (Optional)

Mr_Wagner4 months ago
Looks great, but for folks thinking of doing this be careful to make sure there was nothing flammable or explosive stored in the barrel. Someone was killed cutting an empty barrel that was used for peppermint oil not too far from where I live.
alcurb4 months ago
Very cool.
The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the pic of the finished product is that it it's a giant Alexa! All it needs is some buttons and the LED ring to complete the illusion. It can even have some decent speakers in it and have an actual Alexa unit (Echo dot) embedded to give it full functionality. Gears are turning.
Mach_Zombie (author)  alcurb4 months ago
Al you're a genius. That would be such an AWESOME tableee! My brain's firing up ideas on how I could add an acrylic ring to the top of the table's trim that could glow with the embedded echo dot itself! That would be such a cool project, thank you for your comment dude! :)
You're welcome.
If you are actually going to modify the table, I'd definitely want to stay tuned to see the finished product. That would be crazy cool.
LeslieGeee4 months ago
Lovely table and thank you for sharing your process. My question is if you are aware of the off gassing of phenol-formaldehyde from your OSB board?
Mach_Zombie (author)  LeslieGeee4 months ago
Thank you for your feedback Leslie! :) I had done a bit of research about OSB in the past and from what I understood was that the "New-generation" of OSB panels use isocyanate resins that reduce the "swelling risk" when wet. With that being said Isocyanate-resin panels do not contain formaldehyde and are considered non-volatile when cured.
Am glad :) I have done some work with pallets and they are usually marked for chemical content which allows those of us who use pallets to be aware of which ones are ok for human and animal use :)
Mach_Zombie (author)  LeslieGeee4 months ago
I work with pallets alot too since I live across the street from a pallet factory and I had no idea that pallets had markings for safe use! That's so great, I'll have to research their markings for my next projects. Thank you for sharing this information! :)
You are fortunate to have a pallet factory right near you. They may already have a sheet with their info on their pallets just ask. I have to scrounge for mine but have found 3 stores that will allow me to take theirs.
For some reason I can't put a link in this reply so below is the site you can copy and paste. The second is what I plugged into Google for you.
how to tell if pallet wood is safe to reuse. Good luck :)
Mach_Zombie (author)  LeslieGeee4 months ago
I'll be sure to ask for their sheet! I'm glad to hear that you have a connection with a store to collect their pallets that will have to be my next move since the pallet factory across from me is moving. :/ Thank you for sharing these links, I'll check these out now! Good luck with your projects as well! :)
Most welcome and thank you. :)
Texas_Mike4 months ago
Awesome Dude - Now I know what I'm going to do with my 55 gal. drum. Thanks for the concept and inspiration.
Mach_Zombie (author)  Texas_Mike4 months ago
Thank you Mike! I'm glad this instructable provided inspiration! Good luck with your project and have a great day dude!
DianaF585 months ago
You are very creative and amazing!! Wow so impressed with ur design!! Keep saving our planet by recycling and bringing ur designs to life.....Love ittttttttttt! I see you going far!! Keep up the good work Son!! Mama's proud of u!!
Mach_Zombie (author)  DianaF585 months ago
Thank you muchisimo! :)
JulynR5 months ago
Your work is dope ! ✨
Mach_Zombie (author)  JulynR5 months ago
Thank you so much Julyn!!
Looks great and I love the second level shelving :)
Mach_Zombie (author)  Penolopy Bulnick5 months ago
Thank you so much! I was crossing my fingers it would add more functionality after adding it into this project last second! :)