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Picture of Organized Drill Bit Drawer

This project describes how to quickly fabricate dividers for storage drawers. The drawers are dovetailed with a plywood bottom. Since there ere are plenty of how-to articles for cutting dovetails, this just focuses on the dividers.

The trick to quick fabrication and frustration free layout is to lay the dividers in place, drill pilot holes through the top for machine screws that attach from the underside. Nails are used to keep the dividers pinned so the divider doesn't shift position while drilling the second hole. This system lets you easily remove dividers if you need to change things around.

Step 1: Tools and supplies

Picture of Tools and supplies



  • Nails
  • Mahogany
  • 35% wool (get the good stuff)
  • Machine screws
  • Spray adhesive

That little saw in the photo is $11 USD on Zoro. For the price, it is a really nice tool for making fine cuts. The bench hook and that saw is used to cut all of the pieces to length.