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Picture of Organizer for Leather Working Tools

This instructable will walk you through making a white oak faced tool organizer for leather working. The idea is to keep everything easy to reach, and easy enough to put back to keep a stack of tools accumulating on the bench. This uses square holes slightly larger than the shaft of the largest stamp, and has a couple of trays for swivel knives, skivers, and so on.

I chose white oak because it is one of my favorites in terms of looks. In practice, it is prone to burning and splitting. If you don't mind dealing with the drawbacks, it looks great if you spray some ammonia cleaner on it to darken the wood a bit, then hit it with some rattle-can polyurethane. Maple or poplar would be good choices if you want an easier material to work. The ends are capped with pebble texture leather, mostly to hide the staple marks. The top tray is lined with a high wool content felt.

This project was made in a full wood shop. You could hand cut all sixty dividers, but it would take about a week. I started with some resawn white oak, then ripped to width on the table saw, and crosscut to length on the chopsaw. Fine tuning is done with a hand plane, but you need a good traditional bench for work holding. You can hand sand as an alternative, but it will take a while.

I browsed several Instructables to get inspiration for this project. Here are some similar tool organizers:

Aisaacs3 Leather Working Tool Rack

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Step 1: Cut divider bars

Picture of Cut divider bars

The divider bars are sized the same 1/2" thickness as the plywood for the carcass.

Make sure your table saw fence isn't pinching on the outfeed side, and use a zero clearance insert so the narrow piece doesn't flip up and bind between the blade and insert.

mlaiuppa.1 year ago

I would suggest putting small feet under the two front corners to tilt it up slightly. Easier to see the tools and at that angle they won't slide out as easily.

Really cool way to organize all of the stamping tools! Awesome job!