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Picture of Origami Rose Ferrero Rocher Gift-Favors

When I was in my teens, I was fascinated with origami and I loved flowers. So naturally I learnt how to fold paper into flowers. Plus, Japanese paper folding was cool. Soon I learnt the tedious Kawasaki Rose, and when Valentines' day rolled around, I discovered a very cool use for these origami roses:) These Origami Roses made from A4 sized square paper were the perfect size to hold 1 single Ferrero Rocher. To my delight, all my friends were fascinated by them and loved the novelty.

So, today, I'll share my secret with you... Who knows, it might already be widely known.... Do let me know, hahaha! I'm often impervious to these things -_-III

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

1. A4 Paper, have fun with the colors

2. Ferrero Rocher

3. Your hands

4. A spot of time

offseid3 months ago
As Tye Rannosaurus said: It is very difficult to give paper folding directions online. You did a great job and used your photos very well! Good project too! :)
SpiderOnTheWeb (author)  offseid3 months ago
Thank you! I try to make sure that I can easily understand it too as I often have to repeatedly read instructions when trying new origami myself!
Origami has always stumped me, partially because most times the instructions are so hopelessly confusing...but your instructables is so clearly written and so beautifully photo documented and illustrated that I think even I might be able to pull this off. Really well written!
SpiderOnTheWeb (author)  Tye Rannosaurus3 months ago
Thank you for your feedback and compliment, really appreciate it! If at any point you get stuck, feel free to drop a comment so i can help make things clearer!
These look good! I like the experiments you've done with the design :)
SpiderOnTheWeb (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 months ago
attosa3 months ago
What a nice way to hold something super yummy :)
SpiderOnTheWeb (author)  attosa3 months ago