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This project was documented as I endeavoured to create it. As I have not made a lamp like this before I was learning as I went along. I thought about the process long and hard before I began but I’m sure that should I make another, I would be able to refine the process further.
In my head I worked out all the steps I would need to take quite accurately but I hugely underestimated the amount of time i would need. A problem I frequently encounter. This time, the week I had put aside turned into a month. The number of seeds I thought I would need changed from 300 to 500 and the cutting and pasting, oh my goodness, I got repetitive strain injury and more than a few headaches. I am however thrilled with the results. It looks far prettier in real life than the photos I was able to take. I hope you enjoy my efforts.


One standard lamp stand
Small plastic football
Air drying clay
Silver foil
Scrap white paper for papier mâché
White unbleached tissue paper,
Brown tissue paper
Tracing paper
Large box of paper art straws
A length of dowel that is very slightly wider than the art straws
Sticky tape
PVA glue
Strong clear drying craft glue
Clear hot glue sticks
Fairy lights x 300 or more
White Matt spray paint or stain block (not essential)
sandpaper and wire wool
Cling film.
Glue gun
Paint brush for PVA glue
Craft knife
Small awl
Small rolling pin for the clay
Bowls for glue etc
Huge amount of patience and a warm, very dry environment.
Possibly some vodka
LVSelena5 months ago
Stunning! I think this would also make a stunning hanging light/ Definitely saving this to give it a try:)
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  LVSelena5 months ago
Thank you. Good luck with the project. :)
jeanniel15 months ago
Congrats and well done. I can see this as a pendant light fixture, too! Thank goodness for vodka, eh? LOL!
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  jeanniel15 months ago
Thank you. I have bought another bottle, lol.
rosetyler10145 months ago
Incredible! Beautiful work! What an imaginative and expressive idea! It really is a work of art!
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  rosetyler10145 months ago
Thank you :)
eye.gee5 months ago
It is GORGEOUS and well worth every minute you spent on it. It's been a while since I've seen something that inspired me so much. The only things I can think of that would reduce the time spent making it would be to do the paper cutting differently. Stacking multiple layers of paper so you could cut through them with a mat knife you be one way, of if you know someone with a laser cutter, that would be another. In any event, I wish you many years of enjoyment basking in the light of your creation!
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  eye.gee5 months ago
Thank you :)
ClayBall5 months ago
You said that you used a small plastic football, but your picture showed as basketball, or did I misunderstand you. Very interesting project. It takes a very artistic person to make this.
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  ClayBall5 months ago
Sorry, I’m not in the least sporty. It may well be a basketball. Xxx
Even though it was a basketball it doesn't diminish the fact that it was a very beautiful job. I am sure I don't have the talent put something like this together, but I enjoy seeing things built by someone with your talent.
Mimikry5 months ago
that was a lot of work!
turned out really great - I may have time for this next winter :)
you got my vote!
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  Mimikry5 months ago
It’s a big job but the results are worth it! Thanks for the appreciation. X
WUVIE5 months ago
Oh, wow! This is very unique, and so cool!
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  WUVIE5 months ago
Thank you :) x
skymake225 months ago
Looks good!
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  skymake225 months ago
Thank you :) x
studleylee5 months ago
I love this. These seed flowers always remind me of when I was a kid back east.
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  studleylee5 months ago
Thank you. There is a kind of magic to them isn’t there. X
watchmeflyy5 months ago
This is awesome! Reminds me of a dandelion water fountain that I saw in New York.
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  watchmeflyy5 months ago
I would like to see that! Thank you for the compliment. X
Jancan25 months ago
Best unique lamp I have seen so far.
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  Jancan25 months ago
Aww thanks. X
XofHope5 months ago
It looks really nice! But so much work!
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  XofHope5 months ago
I know, Hugh undertaking. Good job I didn’t have a clue when I started. X
WUVIE5 months ago
Congratulations on your win! Well deserved!
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  WUVIE5 months ago
Thank you so much! :)
TommyW115 months ago
That's amazing looking! Terrific job!
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  TommyW115 months ago
Thank you it’s great to get all this encouragement. X
dalelstrand5 months ago
Absolutely one of the most interesting presentations, and an awesome result.
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  dalelstrand5 months ago
Thank you, I love my lamp. I’m making an allium (onion flower) lamp next. X
davidr9905 months ago
That is 1 scintillating light/lamp!.. I really love the end product, catharsis involved in production, maybe even the vodka consumption for stability...but rural Wales?.. bit of a go that!
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  davidr9905 months ago
Haha, thanks x
ladybgood5 months ago
absolutely the best instructible I've seen so far. I love the project and I love the presentation. Beeyooteeful!
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  ladybgood5 months ago
Aww, thanks. I’m getting better at it. X
Jane Ward5 months ago
This is just awesome. Well done
candy.hawkins.39 (author)  Jane Ward5 months ago
Thank you x