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Picture of P.C.B. @ Home -  a Technique

Right tools, Patience and Practice is all what you need . . . .

Step 1: Making P.C.B. -- Ah... Not a Big Deal !

I always thought that making P.C.Bs at home is a very hard and exhaustive process ..
but I was wrong.. It is pretty simple thing to do, provided you have the right tools with you and of course PATIENCE !!
Earlier when I was just a novice in electronics I used to construct whole circuit on Veroboard or perfboard (the one with readymade wholes and copper pad around every hole). Then one day I figured out that I can make my own PCB at home... so why not give it a try? Then I ended up making my own PCBs using etch resistant pens, ruler and copper clads. I used to draw the layout directly on the copper clad using the pen but I always used to loose some tracks on the board in the process of etching as the ink would not sustain on the board for a very long time which only used to up my frustration.
Eventually I learnt the art of making good quality PCBs at home using right kind of materials and tools and I am going to explain this process today in this instructable which I hope would be usefulto all those novice electronics lovers and DIYers!!