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Hi guys, so this is an instructable for people who love carrying around their music with them as well as hates carrying around their phone charger searching for a power outlet ;-) .

This is simple cheap and easy to make portable bluetooth speaker cum power bank just the size of a normal 5 inch smart phone which can easily fit inside any pocket.

This decive has a 5000 mah battery that can keep the speakers going for around 15 to 18 hours or can fully charge your i phone5, two or three times.

The decive case is hand built using MDF which I found among the trash in the basement .I chose MDF as its easier to work with and finish and it wont come off in layers

The speaker consist of a 2 inch driver which I took out of a broken desktop speaker along with a 62 mm circular passive radiator .The passive radiator improves the bass to a great extent.

The total amount I had to spend was just 13 dollars (₹845).

Step 1: Video:-

How long did shipping take or would take for the U.S.
nice one
patrick panikulam (author)  maclee4real1 year ago
Thankyou :)
Jadem521 year ago

What was the final cost of this project?

patrick panikulam (author)  Jadem521 year ago
Only 13 dollars (₹845) .
I didn't spend anything for the box . The total cost of all the components is 13 dollars

Wow everytime I try to build a DIY speaker I always end up spending too much, great project!

patrick panikulam (author)  Jadem521 year ago
Thanks :-)
Try buying the components from Aliexpress , It's really cheap there
Next level
patrick panikulam (author)  Umar younas1 year ago
Thanks :)