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Picture of PSU Wire Choker

I consistently seem to have an abundance of broken power supplies and I've always used the wires for various projects, but even then there are still plenty left over. And so I decided to try something different and turn some of them into pieces of 'questionable' jewelry.

Tools & Materials:

  • broken power supply
  • black felt
  • hook & eye fasteners
  • clip and chain
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • wire cutters
  • soldering iron

Step 1: Prep the Wires

Picture of Prep the Wires

First of all I started by liberating the wires from the power supply and from the connectors. Once they were free I cleaned the wires and my OCD forced me to arrange them by color.

I wanted the choker to be quite thick so I took 7 wires, laid them next to each other in an organized manner and stuck them together with the hot glue. To make sure the wires wouldn't move I wrapped both ends with insulation tape, then repeated the process twice more.

Kwarseck3 months ago
nerdyKat (author)  Kwarseck2 months ago
Thank you ;)
crazypj4 months ago
I'm not a jewelry person but I must admit the wire choker does look good on you. Clever idea
nerdyKat (author)  crazypj4 months ago
Thank you ;)
Vapowrite4 months ago
The black brings it all together.....a very creative idea :-)
nerdyKat (author)  Vapowrite4 months ago
Thank you ;)
AnandM544 months ago
Wow.... Nice try and looks cool.
nerdyKat (author)  AnandM544 months ago
Thank you ;)
i thought it was penn state university. oof
I just love these! Using felt for the ends was a great idea and I love how you used black to bracket the colors :)
nerdyKat (author)  Penolopy Bulnick4 months ago
Thank you ;)