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Make an awesome L1 R1 Pubg Trigger using the popsicle stick and aluminum foil paper.

You can make this trigger yourself using household items.

You need Below Materials to make this Trigger...

1) Popsicle stick

2) Aluminum Foil Paper

3) Screw

4) Tape

5) Feviquik Gum

6) Two side Tape


Step 1: Cut Popsicle stick


You need 7 Popsicle stick for making L1 R1 Trigger.

Take Popsicle stick and cut this from 3.5 cm from both ends like a first pic.

All cutting popsicle is should be the same size. Then stick 3 popsicle stick together using Feviquik Gum.

ShakeelM46 months ago
When Aluminum Foil Touch the screen it runs automatically.. can we usa an other thing and im waiting for response
try using just a piece and not folding it to form several layers. i tried a simpler version of this and experienced the same issue. also pls note to add a case if possible as the back of the phone is also electrically connected to the display
Saket Shyam7 months ago
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Daiyan7 months ago
I don't have double sided foam tape, can I use anything else?

Really nice! Love that you used such common materials. :D

You sharing awesome hack of PUBG.I love your tricks.keep sharing this type of tricks with us.