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Picture of Pallet Style Drink Coaster Using Popsicle Sticks

I wanted to create a coaster using popsicle sticks. After searching Instructables I came to this one:

So I wasn't the firtst one who came up into the same idea :) But what I noticed is that pallet from above Instructable does not actually look like current standardized EUR-pallet - it's because of a solid wood used on the edges. This is a variation of an old standard called "2 way entry pallet" but nowadays there are "4 way entry pallets" in a common usage. So, being inspired I decided to make one by myself using only popsicle sticks (and hot glue as a connector).

Because of my popsickle sticks dimensions, I decided to make a variation of pallet type EUR 6 as described on official EPAL-pallets with 7 bars on top (in my case popsicle sticks):

The only change I have made is my pallet is a square instead of a rectangle. I wanted it this way because it fits better as a cup coaster. But still, in my opinion it looks very-very similar to original one.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials


  • At least 17 popsicle sticks (I took mine by eating ice creams with my kids :) )


  • Hot glue gun
  • sharp knife (e.g. utility knife for cutting carpet)
  • Saw (I used saw for cutting metal)
  • File
  • Clamps
ErkanK1 year ago

Very good, congratulations

Alex in NZ1 year ago

Really neat. Looks great! Thank you for sharing.

I'm a big fan of pallets and their wood. This would look nice in my work area. I jut pick up a discarded pallet being tossed out by CVS. And I've got lots of pop sticks laying around. I'm all set. Nice Instructable.