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Available for a limited time only, I present to you the Carolina Clogs. The safest, most efficient, most stylish, and most eco-friendly work boots on the market today. You'll be the envy of everyone on the jobsite with these on your feet! I made these by recycling pallet wood into a giant block of wood including a bent lamination on the sole of the boots. The blocks of wood were carved down by hand using power carving attachments and a humble angle grinder. Then I added a wheel in the heel so I can get out my shop with efficiency and added an insole and laces to keep my foot in place and comfortable in my wooden shoes.

Step 1: Ladies...

Picture of Ladies...
Geoffrey K3 months ago
I'm a huge fan of your builds, and I love these clogs. I just had an idea, you should build some wooden clogs and attach some ice skating blades!!! It would be awesome!
Kink Jarfold4 months ago
As usual, superbly done and totally entertaining.
CarolineB264 months ago
I always wondered about that what would that look like now I know thank you for this.
craftyv5 months ago
Brilliant work: I've been a member since 2009 and am aged nearly 80yrs. I wonder If I'm the last member to actually wear clogs at work? I worked in a cotton mill in Lancashire England and we wore clogs that looked exactly like yours except: The uppers were leather, the soles were wooden with an iron horse shoe shape nailed to the bottom, no wheels of course but they would have been handy. Please look at Lancashire Clogs History and check out the Clog Dancing and the other pictures I'd love to see your comments. My past memories coming alive. Please indulge me and see how excellent these boots actually are.
the horse shoe shape nailed to the bottom, what was it made of? i've always been curious about clogs, but this is the first time i've ever heard of clogs that werent made entirely of wood. I have some reading to do!.
Thanks for your reply, I hope others will too. The "horse shoe" was made of metal. We used to scrape across the cobbles and got a great spark. I do recommend the Web site "Lancashire Clogs History". You will enjoy ,I'm sure of it. Thank's.
OutofPatience5 months ago
This much fun and style in one package ought to be illegal somewhere!!!
mikeasaurus5 months ago
WUVIE5 months ago
P.S. You should definitely consider entering these into the Woodworking Contest, as well. :-)
WUVIE5 months ago
Wow. I am blown away by this projecct! From a hunk of wood to these amazing clogs, and with wheels to boot! Much coolness here. Congratulations on a fabulous Instructable.
KellyCraig5 months ago
I have, absolutely, no interest in making these. However, when I saw them I had come here and comment to give you a high five for a job well done. On all levels.

These are just too fun.

Excellent work on both the project and ible.
sail4sea5 months ago
Nice project. I wonder why you didn't put a wheel in the front too, as you had plenty of material in the sole to do so. I seems that to use these with only one wheel, you would have to tilt your ankles uncomfortably forward. Commercial wheeled shoes only have one wheel in the heel, so I see why you went with one, but I think two would have been better.
JackmanWorks (author)  sail4sea5 months ago
There's actually less room in the toe because the foot tapers down as you go from heel to toe. But like you said, I was mimicking these after Heelys and they worked way better than they should haha
AnandM545 months ago
Cool idea and presentation !!! Always rocks!!
JackmanWorks (author)  AnandM545 months ago
Thanks!! :)
AussieAlf5 months ago
Hey Jackman,
What a craftsman you are.
Fantastic video you have put together there showing the making of your shoes.
You are very entertaining and a funny bastard to boot.
JackmanWorks (author)  AussieAlf5 months ago
Thanks so much, glad you got a kick out of it!
Mimikry5 months ago
great video and pics - made me laugh...might be a little too erotic for some ;D
super cool idea and work! you got my vote!
JackmanWorks (author)  Mimikry5 months ago
It's a limit I'm willing to push! haha
Warped15 months ago
As a Dutchman, I approve....
BrockWoT5 months ago
cool. i like random projects
agis685 months ago
amazing project, Wish you win. Voted Thanks
H3xx5 months ago
Make your own pair of Anklebreaker 5000s. Nice.
Rolando RGVTX5 months ago
Whoa... Real men wear clogs??? These are even better than the giant screwdriver! Freakin' awesome. You're my hero dude. Rock on!
Makerneer5 months ago
Awesome project, thanks for sharing!
GregS2785 months ago
Great job on the shoes. I love you video's do you do the editing it's great!