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Picture of Paper Airplane

Paper Airplane making was a childhood skill that everyone seemed to have. But somehow your plane would always last 2-3 flights and then it just wouldn't fly right. Have you always wondered how to make the *perfect* paper airplane that isn't too hard? Well look no further. This airplane is close to fool proof as long as every step is followed carefully and precisely. Show your inner-child by making this amazing craft!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need

In order to make the perfect paper airplane you'll need three things.

• One 8x11" piece of paper ( any color is fine )

• Any flat surface big enough to work on

And lastly, a mind that is willing to work and accept possible failure on the first attempt.

Marlene2003 made it!2 years ago

I made it!

wobbleybob2 years ago

it kinda sux but itz ok

rja20012 years ago

monkey fries

SamarthM23 years ago

Best Plane I ever made Did u invent it

221813 years ago
Cool plane!
trollguy 221813 years ago

I agree this plane is awesome i threw it down my building and it flew like a boss.

mchoudhary6 made it!3 years ago
Awesome plane!!!!
tomatoskins3 years ago

This is great! I love learning how to make new airplanes!