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Picture of Paper Airplane

This is a basic step by step guide for those in need of some in class or after homework entertainment

Step 1: Paper Airplane - Prep

Picture of Paper Airplane - Prep

First obtain a single sheet of paper with dimensions 8.5" x 11" typically called printer paper. It is not recommended to use binder paper as it is often too thin and the holes offset balance.

MGoens1211 months ago

Decorating the plane would be cool

it is!
I hate you

does this fly far?

I'm actually impressed someone else uses this design. It's very good once you get the hang of folding. I recommend using a thick-ish type of paper for the plane, but printer works great indoors. Just make sure the humidity is low. ;)

jkaur111 year ago

it worked so well that my teacher took it away from me when it was just on my desk :)

Best use that I can think of for an old worksheet.